GOLD PARTNER NuData Security is an award winning behavioral biometrics company. Their flagship product, NuDetect, continuously verifies a users’ online identity by authenticating the user based on their natural interactions online – behavior that can't be mimicked or replicated by a third party.

The solution harnesses powerful behavioral and passive biometric analysis to help clients predict fraud and risk. It accurately identifiesthe authentic good user behind the device and builds a detailed contiguous profile of the user based on how they interact with online services using their devices.

NuDetect is trusted by some of the largest global banking and ecommerce organizations worldwide to stop fraud, prevent attacks and continuously authenticate good users. The solution analyzes over 80 billion* interactions in its cloud consortium annually and acquires deep intelligence that increases confidence in good customers, while flagging suspicious behavioral anomalies for further remediation – all in real-time.

Key benefits:

Improve customer experience, reduce friction, improve conversion, increase revenue, lower fraud, improve operational costs and efficiencies.

For more information, click here.  Or, watch the NuData video.