Perseuss is an IATA-sponsored initiative creating a web-based community for airlines to share and collaborate with the purpose of reducing passenger and credit card fraud within the industry.

Perseuss’ roots lie in the industry itself, with current and former fraud mitigation personnel from airlines worldwide communicating informally about techniques and methods for screening for and detecting fraud.  

The biggest difference between Perseuss and many other fraud screening databases is its dedication to the airline and travel industry.  Perseuss is not a blacklist of credit cards, which is the basis of many fraud programs.  Perseuss takes many other factors into account for fraud detection such as the route traveled, the time of purchase before departure, the direction of travel (including one-way or round-trip) and the class of travel.  Perseuss is able to also take into account a passenger’s activity on other participating airlines, such as card velocity across different airlines and legitimate connections.  All of this information helps you to determine if the transaction is valid or not and, in a real-time environment, can identify transactions for further review and verification.

It is important to consider that Perseuss is a tool to help you prevent fraud and should be incorporated into a well-developed and controlled fraud monitoring and review process.  Fraud cannot be brought to zero without closing the sales channels (after all, if there are no sales, there is no fraud!).  Since that is not an option, the fraud must be mitigated to an acceptable level to the airline.  There is no “one-stop” solution to airline fraud, and Perseuss does not claim to be one; however, with Perseuss in your arsenal, you will be able to reduce fraud while allowing legitimate, revenue-creating transactions to follow through to completion.