Payment Gateway Integration Simplified

By Shane Spears, Director, Global Payment Solutions May 08, 2015


One of the biggest challenges a merchant faces when incorporating a payment gateway solution is the integration process. Completing the necessary technical development often requires significant expertise and resources at the merchant. Also, as gateway solutions have become more sophisticated, the integration requirements have too.

As part of Accertify's long term strategy to create a value added solution that moves beyond the traditional "commodity" perspective of payment gateways, we have placed a strong focus on the ease of integration. In particular, there are two enhancements being brought to market over the next several months that will simplify and speed up the integration process.

The first new tool is the .JS library. This library is essentially a database of ready-made features that enable developers to integrate new features with a single line of code -- the current model for most gateways requires a merchant who wants to offer a piece of functionality on their website, like Dynamic Currency Conversion, 3DS, or payment plans, to integrate numerous lines of complex code. Under the .JS library approach, merchants simply insert a short line of JavaScript code to their payment page. This will in turn insert the user interface for the functionality from the library. This approach to integration will serve as the basis for the development of future enhancements which will allow merchants to complete complex payment integrations quickly and easily.

The second tool is the Hosted Payment Box (HPB). This unique integration tool is similar to Hosted Payment Forms (HPF) and Hosted Payment Pages (HPP) in that it provides a method for merchants to receive payment without receiving card data in their systems. This reduces PCI compliance scope and can reduce other liabilities associated with data breaches.

For those familiar with hosted payment solutions, the HPF provides a seamless integration into the merchant’s website. However, HPFs are complicated and require a high level of skill to integrate. HPPs are easy to create, but the payment page re-directed to the merchant’s payment processor and the customer “steps-away” from the merchant website to complete payment. This can result in increased abandonment and lower customer satisfaction. The HPB, on the other hand, is simple to create and is not a re-direct. The customer stays within the merchant’s website and completes the payment via a floating AJAX script box on top of the page (see image). The HPB will be available on the .JS library, thereby making integration very simple.

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Our continued focus on simplifying the integration process will allow merchants to go-live much more quickly, reduce costs, and realize PCI and other liability relief that much sooner.

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