The Growth of Mobile Commerce

By Nancy Yates, Director of Global Partnerships, InAuth June 19, 2015


Mobile growth has exploded as more and more users turn to their mobile devices to transact and purchase on an instant basis.

This growth has enabled commerce to expand and allow mobile to become the channel that users prefer. To ensure this commerce is conducted safely and securely, permanent identification of a device in a frictionless, zero-customer-impact manner is critical for success.

InAuth, recognized as the market leader in mobile authentication and security, has joined Accertify to offer mobile and browser solutions that have been strongly validated in the market by some of the largest global institutions and leading ecommerce companies. InAuth’s solutions not only help mitigate risk, they align with key revenue growth goals and offer thousands of data points never before available to your fraud and customer service teams. This data is playing a crucial role in helping detect the ever-growing wave of fraud across mobile and non-mobile channels.

Accertify and InAuth have engaged to offer an easy to deploy model that feeds into the Interceptas® Platform and delivers value from the first point of activation.

About the Author

Nancy is InAuth’s brave Director of Global Partnerships and has enjoyed working for InAuth since January, 2014.