Ethoca and Accertify Team-Up to Enhance CNP Fraud and Chargeback Solutions for Merchants


By Keith Briscoe, Chief Marketing Officer - Ethoca

Ethoca and Accertify have now succeeded in creating an end-to-end CNP fraud feedback loop that is now available via the Interceptas® Data Management Platform.  

Here’s how it works: More than 560 card issuers globally send confirmed fraud data to Ethoca in near real-time. We then immediately send this information to participating merchants as actionable, real-time alerts. This enables them to take swift action to stop the fulfilment of goods and refund the cardholder to eliminate the need for a chargeback.

Now, through direct integration into the Interceptas® Platform, joint Ethoca-Accertify merchants can automate the review, working and processing of alerts. This reduces manual labor since transactions are automatically matched, and only cases of confirmed fraud not yet identified by the Interceptas® Platform are actually worked.

So, why is this good news for merchants? As a result of reducing the time required to work Ethoca Alerts manually, joint Ethoca-Accertify merchant customers are now able to process more alerts and therefore stop upwards of 100% more Ethoca Alerts detected fraud than they did before this integration was available.* And, through further growth of Ethoca’s global network, these merchants can now take better advantage of a 311% increase in alert volume from Ethoca to stop even more fraud and chargebacks (2015 vs. 2016).*

This joint solution drives home the true opportunity for more effective, collaborative fraud mitigation through the automation and integration of fraud detection, prevention and communication tools. But that’s just the start. Taking more fraud and chargebacks out of the system ensures a better experience for customers and allows merchants to spend more time focusing on growing their business.

To learn more about how collaboration can help you in 2017, contact Accertify or Ethoca today.

*Based on 2016 Ethoca Network results.