Accertify and Affinion Security Center Partner to Deliver Enhanced Fraud Protect


Chicago IL & Norwalk, CT  - December 17, 2008 

Accertify (, a provider of leading-edge credit card fraud prevention solutions, and Affinion Security Center (, a leading provider of identity theft protection services, announced today that Affinion Security Center's Merchant Alarm ( capability will be added to Accertify's Interceptas platform.

Merchant Alarm patrols the Internet to find compromised credit card and debit card data generally well before cardholders know their data has even been taken. Merchant Alarm then provides alerts to credit card merchants in real time, so they can avoid processing potentially fraudulent transactions. Effective immediately, this feature will now be integrated into the Interceptas platform to give merchants an additional, powerful tool for reducing fraud in "card-not-present" transactions, which commonly occur when purchases are made without the physical presence of the credit or debit card, such as in online transactions. With this partnership, Interceptas clients will be able to detect if a customer is using a compromised card - even if it has yet to be reported lost or stolen.

"Accertify's experts are constantly searching the marketplace for new and better anti-fraud tools to give Interceptas customers the best protection possible," said Michael Long, Chief Product Strategist for Accertify. "Merchant Alarm is the latest addition to our workbench platform. Adding a database of compromised credit cards to our solution will benefit all of our customers."

"We are pleased to partner with Accertify, as the company enhances its protection of online merchants, and strives to prevent the billions of dollars in losses that occur each year due to online payment fraud," said Tom Rusin, President and CEO of the Affinion Security Center. "Accertify is making it easier for merchants to gain access to a variety of fraud-fighting tools by integrating the latest fraud prevention services within their Interceptas platform."


About AffinionSecurityCenter

Affinion Security Center, a division of Norwalk, Conn.-based Affinion Group, is a premier security, credit monitoring and identity theft protection innovator with nearly 35 years of global experience. It launched HotLine, a leading ID theft, credit card, fraud protection and security service in 1969. PrivacyGuard, a comprehensive membership credit monitoring product which was created in 1992, remains one of the most widely used in the U.S. In 2006, ID Secure, a sophisticated tool that uses leading-edge public records, Social Security number and credit monitoring technology to fight ID theft, was born. Another ID theft protection service in Affinion's growing security business is PC SafetyPlus, an identity theft software service that protects members with a personal firewall to thwart hackers and other online ID threats. PC SafetyPlus software features automatic updates and service upgrades for protection against prevailing computer viruses, spyware and worms. In 2008 BreachShield, the preeminent solution to corporate data breach response was introduced to the product line. Affinion Security Center is part of the steering committee of the Identity Theft Prevention and Identity Management Standards Panel (IDSP) and is a member of the Staples Security Council. For more information please

About Accertify

Accertify®, Inc. is the first company to focus on developing fraud prevention tools and strategies from the perspective of merchants that accept 'card not present' transactions. That focus led to the development of Interceptas® which applies state of the art automation to every step in the merchant's process of managing credit card fraud exposure. Accertify exemplifies a constant commitment to maintaining the best in fraud prevention strategies, and its management team combines complementary skills from fraud management, business software development, accounting and legal to assure that its customers receive the most comprehensive, cost-effective solution to credit card fraud available.

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