Accertify and iovation Form Partnership


Portland, OR & Chicago, IL  - February 5, 2008  


Accertify and iovation Partner to Offer the Industry's Most Comprehensive Online Fraud Prevention Solution - iovation, Inc. Stan Carlberg, 503-943-6751 or Accertify Carol Jouzaitis, 312-342-7304


Accertify®, a provider of leading-edge credit card fraud prevention solutions to online merchants, and iovation, the device reputation authority of the Internet, today announced a partnership to help online merchants fight credit card fraud. Under the partnership, Accertify will offer iovation ReputationManager™, a real-time device-based fraud management service, as a part of its Interceptas solution. Interceptas is the first integrated platform designed from the merchant's perspective for combating card-not-present fraud, enabling the complete fraud prevention process to be managed with one comprehensive and highly flexible solution. Without requiring software downloads or impacting the user's experience, iovation's patented device reputation technology offers the industry's most accurate device identification by combining device parameters and sophisticated pattern matching techniques.

"Stopping fraudsters requires a flexible solution that incorporates the most advanced fraud-fighting tools as quickly as they become available," said Jeff Liesendahl, CEO, Accertify. "At Accertify, we are continually searching for new and stronger anti-fraud technologies that can be integrated with a merchant's systems and customized to its business to bring increased efficiency to every internal business process affected by online fraud. We are pleased to partner with iovation and other best-of-breed tool providers so that merchants' fraud prevention programs always remain state-of-the-art and one step ahead of fraudsters' evolving tactics."

"We are excited about partnering with Accertify to help online merchants reduce fraud and the total impact of fraud on sales opportunities and their businesses revenues," said Greg Pierson, CEO of iovation. "Accertify understands the impact fraud can have on business operations and the effort it takes to combat the problem. Combining Interceptas' comprehensive approach with iovation's proven ability to quickly and accurately identify fraudulent devices in real-time helps online merchants dramatically reduce fraud, abuse and time-consuming manual reviews to improve operational efficiencies and, ultimately, realize greater business profits."

About iovation

iovation, headquartered in Portland, Oregon, pioneered the use of device reputation for managing online fraud, abusive behavior and multi-factor authentication. Today, iovation manages the reputation of millions of Internet-enabled devices worldwide, allowing its customers to control online fraud and abuse while benefiting from sharing device reputation intelligence. For more information on iovation and the company's products, visit


About Accertify

Accertify, Inc. is the first company to focus on developing fraud prevention tools and strategies from the perspective of merchants that accept 'card not present' transactions. That focus led to the development of Interceptas®, which applies state of the art automation to every step in the merchant's process of managing credit card fraud exposure.  Accertify exemplifies a constant commitment to maintaining the best in fraud prevention strategies, and its management team combines complementary skills from fraud management, business software development, accounting and legal to assure that its customers receive the most comprehensive, cost-effective solution to credit card fraud available.

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