Urban Outfitters Speeds Through Manual Reviews With Interceptas


Bryan discusses the results achieved through the use of Accertify's Interceptas platform after four months. These results include a 90% reduction in orders held for manual review, a 61% decline in the number of calls customer service agents place to customers to verify information and a 77% drop in calls from customers inquiring about their order. The reduction in manual reviews has enabled Urban to reassign call center agents dedicated to manual reviews to other customer service tasks.

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About Accertify

Accertify, Inc. is a leader in developing fraud prevention tools and strategies from the perspective of online merchants. That focus led to the development of Interceptas® which applies state of the art automation to every step in the merchant's process of managing fraud exposure. Accertify exemplifies a constant commitment to maintaining the best in fraud prevention strategies, and its management team combines complementary skills from fraud management, business software development, accounting and legal to assure that its customers receive the most comprehensive, cost-effective solution to fraud available.