Accertify Announces Launch of New Chargeback Management Service


CHICAGO, IL – March 22, 2011

Accertify®, a leading provider of enterprise-wide transaction screening solutions, today announced Accertify Chargeback Service, a comprehensive chargeback management platform that helps merchants save time, cut operational costs and retain revenue.

Accertify Chargeback Service is a single-source  platform designed to manage dispute processes for all types of credit and debit cards and alternative payments, regardless of brand. It supports use of global languages and currencies and was developed for use by merchants in travel and entertainment, retail,  social networking, and by merchants providing digital downloads, subscriptions and services.   

The platform uses the latest technology to take the hassle out of chargeback management by streamlining and simplifying multiple management processes and routines, from review and analysis through representment and reporting.  It is designed to meet Card and Processor requirements for formatting, managing and responding to chargebacks and to automatically keep merchants abreast of new requirements.  It provides a package of standard and ad-hoc reporting tools to streamline reporting and monitor chargeback trends.

“Our team of experts has been helping merchants of all sizes significantly reduce payment fraud and manage chargebacks for more than a decade,” said Jeff Liesendahl, Accertify CEO.  “We understand the challenges merchants face in managing chargebacks while trying to keep abreast of an evolving payments landscape with tight resources. Based on our experience in developing best-in-class fraud prevention solutions, we’ve built a chargeback management platform that is also state-of-the-art, comprehensive in nature and PCI compliant.”

“This service enhances our ability to meet merchants’ fraud prevention and chargeback management needs on an end-to-end basis, ”  Liesendahl said. “Like our Interceptas® fraud prevention platform, Accertify Chargeback Service is a complete solution.  It’s designed to help merchants retain revenue and reduce costs by streamlining internal processes, and increasing efficiency, while driving increased chargeback reversals.”

Among the other key advantages to the platform is the flexibility it offers merchants to customize business rules, user interfaces and automation levels.  Merchants also have the option to outsource their end-to-end chargeback management programs to Accertify.

Customers of the Interceptas fraud prevention platform by Accertify receive added benefits through the platform’s capability to provide valuable intelligence for fine-tuning fraud prevention programs.


About Accertify®

Accertify Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of American Express, based in Itasca, IL, is a leader in providing e-commerce companies with software, tools and strategies for preventing online fraud and mitigating enterprise-wide risks.  Its Interceptas® platform integrates every component of fraud prevention, applies state-of-the-art automation to each step in process and offers advanced capabilities for managing fraud data. Built with a merchant's perspective, Interceptas delivers flexibility in preventing various types of criminal behavior, including fraud related to card-not-present purchases, online scams and policy abuse, merchandise returns and exchanges and other data management challenges. Accertify is committed to providing online companies with the most cost-effective solution to fraud available. For more information, visit

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