eDestinos.com.br, a New eSKY.pl Brand, Books Accertify to Combat Online Fraudsters in Brazil


Chicago, IL and São Paulo, Brazil – March 15, 2012

Accertify, a leading fraud prevention and risk management provider, today announced it has signed an agreement with online travel agency eDestinos.com.br to implement its fraud prevention solutions for eDestinos.com.br enterprise-wide.  Recently launched as eSKY.pl’s entrant in Brazil’s online travel market, eDestinos.com.br offers individuals and companies the full scope of tools needed for any trip, such as airline tickets, hotels, holiday packages and travel insurance.

“As we look to capture new market share and secure returning business in the Brazilian online marketplace, we know how important it is to ensure the highest standards in security,” said Marius Turbatu, Country Manager for eDestinos.com.br. “Knowing that Accertify – with its deep roots in the online travel space and experience in the local market – is watching our backs, we can focus on expanding our business rather than dedicating tremendous resources to fraud prevention.”

“It’s no secret that online travel and the Latin American market are popular targets of fraudsters,” said Luis Fernando Barros, Accertify Vice President and General Manager in Brazil. “When we demonstrated that Accertify’s clients – in these segments and others – can benefit from a fraud rate far below industry averages, eDestinos.com.br seized on our customizable solutions. Not only does our platform offer an efficient and cost-effective means of preventing fraud, but we also provide multicurrency and multilanguage capabilities, which are increasingly important to a global company like eSKY.pl.”

Accertify, an American Express company, supports the risk management and fraud reduction efforts of leading companies around the world. Drawing from its genesis in the online travel industry, Accertify took a merchant’s perspective when it developed its unique solutions to prevent international e-commerce fraud and built a strong roster of online clients.


About Accertify 

Accertify Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of American Express, based in Itasca, IL, is a leader in providing e-commerce companies with hosted software solutions, tools and strategies for preventing online fraud and mitigating enterprise-wide risks. Its Interceptas® platform integrates the various components of fraud prevention, applies state-of-the-art automation to each step in process and offers advanced capabilities for managing fraud data. Built with a merchant's perspective, Interceptas delivers flexibility in preventing various types of criminal behavior, including fraud related to card-not-present purchases, online scams and policy abuse, merchandise returns and exchanges and other data management challenges. Accertify is committed to providing online companies with the most cost-effective solution to fraud available. For more information, visitwww.accertify.com


About eDestinos.com.br

eDestinos.com.br, a subsidiary of eSKY.pl - leader of airline ticket sales in Poland and member of IATA (International Air Transport Association), an association that controls the quality standards in the sector - has the mission to promote the national and international tourism industry, aiming to become a market reference through the constant development of tools, products and quality services required for any trip, such as airline tickets, hotels, travel insurances, rental cars, recommendations for travelers and personalized assistance. With the credibility, professionalism and knowhow of the group, eDestinos.com.br was able to be launched in Brazil offering solutions of more than 600 airline companies in the world. Visit www.eDestinos.com.br


Diana Postemsky, American Express