Motorcycle Superstore Drives Fraud Out


How a leading motorcycle parts and accessories web retailer cut fulfillment from 2-3 days, to within hours, by using integrated fraud prevention, chargeback and payment services from Accertify.

In 2008, Chief Technology Officer Jason Miller was tasked with two key objectives: to quicken the pace of order fulfillment and prepare systems for international expansion. The company identified several steps for improvement. Fraud detection was largely a slow manual process
conducted by customer service staffers, who often saw that added duty as an impediment to selling more products. Fraud detection software was internally developed and provided limited functionality, especially for integrating external data sources that could speed transaction evaluations and approvals. Payment processing was also laborious, including minimizing and managing chargebacks.


Motorcycle Superstore evaluated several products before choosing a fully integrated solution set by Accertify. Over time the company has deployed all three Accertify solutions beginning with payment services in 2008. The following year, it deployed fraud management with integrated data services to screen card-not-present transactions. Then in 2011, the company deployed the Accertify® Chargeback Management Service and contracted for their transaction risk operations with Accertify® Managed Services.

With each new Accertify solution deployed, Motorcycle Superstore was able to dramatically simplify operations, drive more fraud out of the business, increase more good orders and boost revenue with a more effective chargeback management system.


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