Delivery and Returns Fraud


Where delivery and returns fraud occur

Comprehending thieves’ tactics can help determine an effective method to combat future losses

  • E-Commerce
  • 'Missing' or 'Damaged' Claims

    Claims that a parcel didn’t arrive or arrived damaged and requests that a replacement be sent.

  • Delivery Intercepts

    Using legitimate details, fraudsters place online orders with the intent to intercept the parcel.

  • Couriers and Delivery Services

    Parcels out for delivery can be misplaced, stolen, or incorrectly routed.

  • Home
  • Click & Collect

    Using stolen details, fraudsters place online orders and collect in store without having to provide an ID.

  • Returns

    A legitimate purchase where the item is used and returned or a stolen item returned for cash.

  • Bait and Switch

    A brand new item is purchased and a damaged identical item already owned is returned.

  • Company Staff

    Employees can be the root cause of loss, accidentally or not.

  • Store
  • Each fraudulent or abusive claim contributes to the substantial losses retailers incur annually.
  • To combat these losses retailers must continually monitor fraud tactics across all distribution channels and adjust their fraud fighting tactics accordingly.