Professional Services

To keep getting better, you have to work with one of the best.

Our global professional services team is comprised of fraud and chargeback managers, eCommerce technology experts, and professional trainers.


This Is What We Do

We provide a number of services including:

Training Services

We offer the following onsite training programs:

  • Fraud and Chargeback Analyst Training
  • Fraud and Chargeback Supervisor Training
  • Interceptas® Platform Training for all Accertify Solutions
  • Rules Configuration and Ruleset Training

Specialized Consulting Services

We also offer specialized consulting packages based on a variety of services including:

  • Full Review of Staff Performance
  • Review Rate Analysis
  • Rule Performance Review
  • Fraud Chargeback Analysis and Trends
  • Analysis of Resolution History
  • Review and Develop Custom Reports
  • Business Model and Strategy Analysis

Fraud & Chargeback Performance Review Services

We help clients improve various aspects of their fraud and chargeback solutions. Performance Reviews are designed to deliver meaningful and actionable data to improve processes and enhance performance of the fraud tool and/or analysts.

This Is How We Do It

There’s a number of different ways we offer our consultancy services:

Onsite Training/Consultancy

We can deliver fraud and chargeback training or consultancy face to face, either at your offices or at ours.

Outsourcing of Rules and Ruleset Maintenance

Why have the stress of maintaining your own rules and rulesets, when you can outsource this part of the process to us? We will be in regular consultation with you so we are aware of any business changes (e.g. a summer sale) or business restrictions (e.g. policy rules) that would need a change in the rules and rulesets, whilst also updating you on the performance of the rules and rulesets.

Virtual Based Consultancy

We can deliver consultancy virtually, whether that be via phone, web conference or video conference.

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