Profile Builder

Enhanced data interrogation. There’s so much we can help you learn about your customers.

Our comprehensive and intelligent Profile Builder allows you to collect, store, and aggregate large volumes of data in real time. Create views around a customer, a product, an event, or any number of data points to increase fraud detection accuracy and further reduce false positives. We can help turn large volumes of disparate data into actionable intelligence.


Put Unstructured Data to Work

Unlock the power of data. Merchant transactional data can be used to provide clarity about account takeover schemes, customer behavior, product monitoring, eCommerce/card not present fraud, customer loyalty, and more. Effective use of your data increases both revenue and customer satisfaction.

Enhanced Decision Making

Make better decisions about fraud. Profile Builder helps identify real-time patterns and trends through the dynamic summarization and aggregation of data. Gain insight in real-time at the transactional level to lower manual review rates, detect compromised accounts, and identify dynamic fraud events.

Process Optimization

Profile building makes your entire payments workflow simpler and more powerful. By leveraging all of your available data, you can use it to gain insight, help maximize revenue contribution and increase customer affinity, all with minimal strain on your internal resources.

Use Cases

Account Takeover Monitoring

Reduce the risk of fraud. By leveraging all of your aggregated historical data against real-time data—such as an IP address, device ID, email, phone number, physical address—your implementation can uncover anomalous patterns and changes from your customer’s normal activity, then create automated alerts for fast action and account takeover prevention.

Entity Monitoring

Enable a more efficient strategy to mitigate fraud risk and ease manual review rates. Monitor in real-time summarized fraud rates at the product/SKU level, across airline route networks, at events or locations, against a specific entertainment genre, or similar entities. By focusing on the item being stolen, you increase your ability to detect in real time a run on a specific product or offering.

Build Customer Loyalty

Reward your customer’s business intelligently. Use your Profile Builder to identify real-time spend metrics and purchase habits so you can focus customer spending in the right location. Reward your consumers by creating customized campaigns such as discounting, cross selling, or surveying.

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